The Flash ‘Welcome to Earth-2’ is Littered With Easter Eggs, Teases Supergirl Crossover

*Update* The character I guessed was maybe Joe Chill is actually DC character Jonah Hex, who we will also see on a future episode of Legends of Tomorrow.


Barry Allen and Team Flash have been spending all season hunting down evil metahumans sent from Earth-2 by the season’s big bad, Zoom. Tonight’s episode, though, finally introduced the audience to Earth-2 as Barry, Cisco, and Harry brought the war to Zoom.

This was easily the best episode of The Flash’s second season, especially for those familiar with comic book lore, as this episode was ripe with easter eggs.

The first dosage of references to the greater DC multiverse came as Barry, Cisco, and Harry were being transported from Earth-1 to Earth-2. We saw an alternate version of Green Arrow, who I don’t believe to be Earth-2’s Robert Queen but the Green Arrow of a different universe. This is because we also see John Weseley Shipp, who plays Henry Allen in this series, as Barry Allen/The Flash from his own series that aired back in the 90’s. And finally, we get a very clear picture of Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl soaring through the air in her own universe. We know John Wesley Shipp’s Barry Allen is obviously not from Earth-1 or Earth-2 which leads me to believe that Supergirl will also be from Earth 3+, and that the Green Arrow we saw was an Oliver Queen from yet another Earth — the only thing we were missing was a Ben Affleck/Batman cameo.


That said, we do see a 1950’s style gangster holding up a gun — could this be Joe Chill killing the Wayne’s and giving birth to the Batman on Earth 957? It’s definitely possible. The CW-verse has not shied away from referencing DC’s big two — Batman and Superman — lately, even going so far as having Rip Hunter claim “I’ve seen Dark Knight’s fall and Men of Steel die” on Legends of Tomorrow.

Once on Earth-2 we were immediately introduced to several of Team Flash’s dopplegangers. Barry Allen was still a CSI investigator, but in this universe he was married to Detective Iris West — whose partner was a Floyd Lawton/Deadshot who was known for being the worst shot in the department. I really enjoyed seeing Deadshot back in the CW-verse, even if it was an alternate version of the character. And I thought Candice Patton and Grant Gustin did a great job playing with their very different roles. Interestingly, this world’s Joe and Barry did not get along, and the show even made it seem as if Earth-2 Barry Allen is kind of jerk. We will definitely find out more regarding this character in next week’s episode.


Next up, we were introduced to Caitlin Snow who, on this Earth, has transformed into her comic book alter ego Killer Frost. She’s married to Earth-2 Ronnie Raymond, who hasn’t freed his version of Professor Stein in years, and has assumed the evil monicker Deathstorm. These characters served as the main antagonists of the episode, up until the very end, and were really enjoyable to watch. It was nice seeing Robbie Amell reprise his role as Ronnie Raymond, but this time fight Barry instead of fighting with Barry. It was eventually revealed that both Killer Frost and Deathstorm were working for Reverb, an extremely powerful, Earth-2 Cisco Ramon, and he, in turn, worked for Zoom, who was extremely displeased with their treatment of the Flash and easily terminated them both for their lack of loyalty.

Welcome to Earth-2

My favorite easter egg though, was in the West-Allen household where we saw Barry call his mother, who’s still alive on Earth-2. On the phone’s speed dial was a list of names including Hal (Jordan)/Green lantern, Bruce (Wayne)/Batman, and Diana (Prince)/Wonder Woman. Whether or not these versions of the characters have assumed their alter ego’s or not was not stated, but there’s something very cool about learning that Barry Allen, Bruce Wayne, Hal Jordan, and Diana Prince are all friends somewhere in the multiverse right now.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 10.04.25 PM

Overall, this episode was a fantastic allusion to the Silver Age of comics. The storyline back on Earth-1 was lacking a bit, but it was still cool to see Jay Garrick fight as The Flash, even if it was only for a few seconds, and in the episode’s weakest scene. With Barry now captured by Zoom, along with Harry’s daughter, there is so much to look forward to in next week’s episode. Maybe we’ll get a better idea idea of who Zoom really is, I know I have my theory, and hopefully we’ll see even more easter eggs.



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